Delbana Two Register Chronograph

Delbana Two Register Chronograph

We love a good chronograph here at 10:25 Vintage. While our admiration of the big players in vintage chronos - Universal Genève, Heuer, Breitling - knows no bounds, we particularly love the off-beat brands that are often overlooked.

Before the Quartz Crisis of the 1970s, when the watch industry - Swiss and Japanese alike - scrambled to adopt the new quartz technology, mechanical watch brands popped up like mushrooms on a rainy day. But at the heart of many of these brands were often small, family-run operations that sought to capitalize on clockmaking legacies. As quartz movements increased in production and distribution, many of these operations were vastly undercut and gradually faded out of existence or were scooped up by larger, more powerful coalitions. But while those companies disappeared, the watches that they produced remain, unfamiliar names that belie their quality construction. Delbana is one of those brands.

Founded in 1933, Delbana was the culmination of Goliardo Della Bada's various experiences after immigrating to the horological hotbed of Grenchen, Switzerland a decade earlier. Delbana was really a personal project for him - the name is derived from his family history, and its logo contians the three towers of his native San Marino, seen to this day on its flag and coat of arms. Rather than focus on the crowded Western European market, Delbana brought their high grade Swiss-made watches to underserved markets like South America and Eastern Europe, where they were held in high regard.

This piece is powered by the venerable Landeron cal. 48 movement. Landeron, founded in 1873 by the Hahn brothers, acquired Breitling's early patent for chronographs in the 1920s and began producing movements at a fantastic pace. From the 1930s to the 1960s, Landeron manufactured millions of chronographs, ranking them up at the top of producers of chronograph movements for the period. These movements are versatile and robust, and the fact that so many of them were produced means that parts are remarkably interchangeable. This is a blessing - and a rarity - for collectors of vintage chronographs.

This particular example dates to the late 40's or early 1950's. The glossy black dial has aged gracefully, with crisp printing along the outer tachymeter and telemeter scales, large arabic hour markers, and oversized subdials. The handsome, well proportioned 34mm case, square pushers, and drilled lugs are just some of the little details we really appreciate on this piece.

While the name turns few heads, this Delbana chronograph shows that great looks and reliable internals need not cost a fortune.


Chrome-plated case is approximately 34mm (excluding crown and pushers). Landeron 48 Hand-Wound Chronograph Movement. Circa 1950s.

Overall Condition: Chrome-plated case is in very good condition considering its age, with sharp bevels on the lugs, no signs of over-polishing, and only minimal degradation of the chrome-plating visible on the backs of the lugs and the pushers. Dial is in good condition considering its age, with even patina, particularly to the luminescent elements of the Arabic numerals and hands.

Includes two 18mm nylon straps from Crown & Buckle

SKU: TT01030

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