Enicar Ultra-Sonic Jumbo

Enicar Ultra-Sonic Jumbo

Enicar is a brand that has only recently begun to gain traction among the collecting community, but the Racine family (cousins of the Gallets) were already making watches as early as the 1700s. In 1870 Jules Racine Sr started manufacturing pocket watches under the family name. By the time young Ariste Racine entered the family business and wanted to start his own brand, the name "Racine" was already trademarked.

His wife, Emma, suggested that he reverse the family name to "Enicar." So in 1914 Enicar S.A. was established in La-Chaux-du-Fonds. Ariste Racine, with the help of his brother Oskar, grew the company steadily into the 20th century.   

By the 1930s, Enicar was producing wristwatches. The brand set its sights on building watches that could be worn in any environment, and spared no expense in technical excellence. In 1954 their Calibre 1010 achieved chronometer certification.

Though best known for its sport-driven watches like the Sherpa Dive, Enicar also turned out over-sized dress watches like this Ultrasonic. While Universal Genève used that name to denote electric watches, in this case Enicar meant it to designate that the watch had been ultrasonically-cleaned. We take it for granted in today's world of machine-driven horology, but when Enicar launched the Ultrasonic line in the 1950s, they were among the first of brands to clean their watches with ultrasonic machines.

At 37mm, this watch is large for the era, but its thinness makes it the perfect choice to slip under a cuff. Touches like the Art Deco numerals at 12, 3, and 9 and the honeycomb texture in the chapter ring give it a decidedly 1950s flair. It's things like that, along with the reliability of the Enicar name, that make this watch unique. 


SKU: TT01183

Chrome-plated case is approximately 37mm. Enicar Caliber 1292 Manual-Wound movement.

Overall Condition: Chrome-plated case is in very good condition with crisp lugs and no signs of over-polishing. Silver dial is in good condition with some darkening around the outer edges. Unsigned crown. Case back has some scratches but is in otherwise very good condition.

Includes one 18mm dark red textured leather strap.

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