Hamilton FAPD Navigator's Watch

Hamilton FAPD Navigator's Watch

Hamilton produced watches for the military from World War I on through the Vietnam War and beyond. Their tough, no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners approach to producing military watches resulted in scads of eminently-collectible designs. Of all these, those produced for the U.S. Air Force and the Royal Australian Air Force--the Type 1 Navigator's Watch--remain the most uncommonly-seen and desirable.

Unlike pilot's chronographs, which were meant to time airborne military maneuvers and air strikes, a navigator's watch was meant for one thing: to provide a for navigational purposes. Though Benrus was an early producer of these navigator's watches, the Hamilton Type 1 holds a special place among aficionados of this type of watch.

First issued in 1970, the Type 1 is a slightly-larger cousin to the MIL-W-46374 field watches issued to U.S. Army personnel. Though early versions of the GG-W-113a were one-piece front-loaders (typical of the Vietnam-era GI watches), later versions shifted to a two-piece case design with screw-down case backs. With a 36mm Parkerized steel case, the Type 1 or FAPD 5101 is slightly larger than its contemporaries, since it was designated for use by navigators in the U.S. Air Force. 

The Type 1 Navigator is fitted with a 17-jewel manual-wound with center seconds hacking capabilities, the Caliber 684, which, like the Caliber 89 used in the IWC Mark XI is shielded by an anti-magnetic dust cover. Derived from the ETA Caliber 2391, the Caliber 684 had a fine micro-regulating screw. Being designed exclusively for this watch, the Caliber 684 appears in no other military or civilian watch designed by Hamilton.

At first glance the dial of the FAPD 5101 is reminiscent of other military field watches, with its 24-hour dial layout surmounted by luminescent triangles above each Arabic numeral. But the dial of the FAPD has a small "Swiss" painted at 6 o'clock. The exterior of the FAPD 5101 differs from its cousins in that it has a slightly larger case owing to its aviation heritage, wider than conventional field watches.

The Type 1 is a rare bird indeed, so its scarcity can't go understated, making this an opportunity too good to pass up!


Parkerized steel case is approximately 37mm (excluding crown). FAPD 5101 Type 1 Navigator's Watch. Hamilton Caliber 684 Manually-Wound Movement. Circa 1970.

Overall Condition: Parkerized steel case is in very good condition with sharp lugs and no signs of over-polishing. Dial is in very good condition with crisp printing and no major signs of age or discoloration. Some luminescent material on the hour markers has deteriorated over time, particularly at 10 o'clock; otherwise is is intact. Unsigned crown. Hamilton case back is stamped "Watch, Wrist: Navigation. FAPD 5101. Fed. Stock No. 66454206363. MFG. part No. 39985. Cont. No. DAAA25-70-CO583. Date Sept 1970. Type 1."

Includes one 16mm nylon strap from Crown & Buckle

SKU: TT01107

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