Wakmann Chronograph

Wakmann Chronograph

Known mainly for its close association with the Breitling family, Wakmann was the U.S. distributor of Breitling watches from the 1940s to the 1970s. Some of the watches produced during this era were actually co-signed as Breitling/Wakmann. But Wakmann also brought its own line of sporting timepieces to the market, often utilizing Breitling's supply chain of high grade components and retailing them at entry-level price points.

Though perhaps best known as the aforementioned distributor for Breitling in the United States, watches retailed by Wakmann were often assembled in France. 

In its heyday, the Swiss watch industry was an interconnected one, in a way that often transcended international borders. This has its roots in the very beginning of the industry, when individual households--and, later, factories--were devoted to the production of a single component of a watch. Where Breitling is concerned, watches were often manufactured by Charles Gigandet, a brand that was known for its sturdy, sporty chronographs with the trademark sailing ship on the case back.

Internally, the watches were more often than not powered by the Venus family of manually-wound chronograph movements. Established in the 1920s, Venus produced its first chronograph movement a decade later under the auspices of Ebauches SA (ancestor of the modern ETA). Though known for the beauty of its high-end column wheel movements, the manufacturer's cam switch operated movements--such as the Venus 180 series found in this particular watch--found their way into watches made by Wittnauer, Breitling, and Wakmann. 

This watch, branded Wakmann, was assembled in France, and its Venus movement was signed with its country of origin.  

With a 34mm chrome-plated case and a cheery silver sunburst dial, this chronograph is a lovely example of Swiss mechanics assembled with French flair. 

Ooo la la. 


Chrome plated case is approximately 34mm in diameter (excluding the crown). Venus 188 hand wound chronograph movement. Circa 1960's.

Overall condition: Case is in great condition over all, showing light signs of wear consistent with age and use. Silver dial shows very light discoloration on the outer edge but is otherwise in excellent condition with nicely patinated luminous elements. Unsigned snap on caseback.  

Includes one 18mm brown leather strap

SKU: TT01215

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