Wakmann Chronograph

Wakmann Chronograph

There is something wonderful about excellent vintage watches that have yet to be 'discovered' by the general public.  As collectors and enthusiasts, we so often astounded at how, seemingly overnight, watches appreciate and go from being relatively attainable to scarce and expensive.  

Known mainly for their closely association with the Breitling family, Wakmann was the US distributor of Breitling watches from the 1940s to the 1970s. Some watches from this era were actually co-signed as Breitling/Wakmann; however Wakmann also brought their own line of sporting timepieces to the market, often utilizing Breitling's supply chain of high grade components but retailed with entry level price points.

Wakmanns have been getting a lot of attention in the past few months, with chronographs and triple dates fetching higher and higher prices.  While collectors and enthusiasts familiar with Breitling's history and their relationship with Wakmann have enjoyed years of unmolested buying, real interest in the brand and the U.S.-market timepieces has made finding good, honest examples hard to turn up.  

Sadly, this interest has also spawned a whole sub-economy of fake and refurbished/refinished versions of these watches, making it even harder to find the genuine example. 

This particular piece is in fantastic original condition with a 34.5mm steel, gold-plated case and lovely silver sunburst dial with mint-green luminous material.  Driven by a wonderful Venus 188 chronograph movement - a stalwart and reliable Swiss engine - this Wakmann is an excellent value proposition for the experience collector and the entry-level enthusiast alike.     

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